Hope / Everlasting Love

The thought and heart behind people’s’ words often go unnoticed.

I find so much joy in celebrating, encouraging, and even mourning with others. Being able to feel with them whatever they are feeling and helping put words to those feelings is one of the gifts God has given me.

I love the gift He has given me, although with it comes with ALL the feels! My heart is often overwhelmed with emotion, especially when I am in a season of change.

As for many of us, change is very difficult for me! With that being said, so much has changed in my life over the last 3 years, and as I am so grateful for all the good that has come, it has been really hard to accept that I am not perfect, and cannot always do everything at 100%.

I am often told I am too hard on myself. I want to be my best self, always. And that is just not possible! When I am not where I feel like I should be or find myself not giving my marriage or business all I have to offer I feel like I am not enough for those who love me. I feel like I do not deserve the unconditional love they have for me. I am sure you have probably felt this way too.

You are enough.

You are deserving of everlasting and unconditional love.

The first time I saw this necklace, I knew it was made just for me. It is the perfect daily reminder that I am enough, and I deserve His everlasting love.

If you struggle like I do, I encourage you to get this or another piece of jewelry to remind you everyday that you are enough, and you deserve His everlasting love.

Hope, thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing this snippet of your story! A big thank you also for getting coffee with me, sharing your heart, and allowing me to take some of your photos! You are an inspiration to me as well as so many others.

Friends, to take a closer look or to get your own “Everlasting Love” necklace reminder, just click here!

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