Hi there!

Surrendered to Jesus, wife to Caleb, lover of creativity and all things yellow. I enjoy writing, decorating, jazz, coffee, feathers in my hair, hiking in my Colorado home mountains, belly-laughing, and sitting across new and old friends with a mug in my hands.

love my Savior and His given grace. In 2012 I laid my whole life at His feet – all of my passions, joys, and smiles are linked to who He is and how He loves and I so want to make Him proud.

love my home and the man that nurtures it, Caleb. We are newly married as of February 19, 2016!

love the friendships in my life. I have some really close sweet friends that hold me up when I am down, and walk with me through the hard and the beautiful.

Though all of these things are wonderful and I am forever grateful, life is messy, sisters. I have battled some bad anxiety, loneliness, and lots of insecurities. I will never claim to have it all together. There are hurts that are hard to face and seasons of struggle, but on the flip side of that; there are beautiful moments of lovely intertwined.

My goal with these pages is this; to be as vulnerable, honest, and encouraging as I am able to be, and to come alongside you for the journey.

Now you know a little bit about me, and I want to know more about you! Will you share a little bit about your story with me? You can email me at krista@asoulsong.com.